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Xipu Li

A creative writer from Beijing who published his first book during the high school. Writing is my niche. It is also the best way of expressing myself. Currently living in California. Interested in literature, human betterment and entrepreneurship. 



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Xipu Li was born and raised in Beijing. A son of an attorney/entrepreneur father and a magic cook mother.

He moved to the Philadelphia, United States at the age of 15 for academic pursuit. In 2016, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area for the blessing weather!

There’s a tradition in China for one-year-old babies. People call it “draw lot”. Basically, parents will scatter several things like a pen, a stamp, a knife, a chicken wing, etc. Then the baby would pick one of the objects. Each object symbolises baby’s future fate and career. Li picked a fountain pen.

Although it sounds superstitious, Li has the propensity to write. The Imperium is the first book he has tried to complete as a fiction during Li’s high school years.

Li likes swimming and playing tennis.

Li considers himself as a Transcendentalist, who is striving to integrate whose soul with nature. He believes that nature possesses the ultimate power yet it resonates with him all the time. Hence, Li decides to use the visual and spiritual platform to recur the beauty of the nature of the world and the nature of our mind.

And he will keep writing.


Pre-order available on Amazon.

The Imperium: Empires in a Fissure (Book 1)

Pre-order available on Amazon.

Book In-Progress